Why 24-hour posture care management?

People of all ages with impaired movement frequently develop problems like contractures, dislocated joints and scoliosis that result in diminished function and health complications. These can include but are not limited to respiratory and digestive issues, pressure and skin integrity problems, pain and more complicated feeding, hygiene, transfers and dressing.

While we work to give people the best possible support in wheelchair seating systems during the day, that is often where the effort ends. What happens when they are not in those seating systems? Is that “relaxed” position in the recliner detrimental? Could it be that sleeping all night in asymmetric postures is working against what we are trying to accomplish during the day?

Understanding these issues and what can be done about them is what 24-hour posture care management is all about! The United Kingdom and other developed countries are far ahead of the United States in recognizing the importance of 24-hour positioning as a non-invasive way to support the health and well-being of persons who have difficulty changing their positions easily and frequently throughout the day and night. Posture 24/7 hopes to change that! Join us to learn more about what you can do as a professional or family member to support people you know who can benefit from 24-hour posture care management!