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And we’ve heard that there are some families who do not have access to a Family Support Specialist, but have a very involved Occupational or Physical Therapist who would be a good supporting member of the care team. We are committed to being part of a system that allows all participants to have the best chance at experiencing positive changes, and we know from last year that having an involved support team is a crucial piece of the puzzle. For this reason, amendment paperwork was just filed this afternoon with the Institutional Review Board. Once we have received final approval for the change, the change to this year’s eligibility criteria will be as follows:

The focus child/family must work with either a Family Support Specialist or Occupational/Physical Therapist regularly who will commit to being part of the team.

What does this mean? Well, if you know someone who wanted to participate but did not have a Family Support Specialist, they may now be eligible to apply! Obviously, since this change is occurring at the eleventh hour, we will also be extending the deadline to allow time for people who thought they did not qualify to complete the application. Thank you for reaching out to us and helping us realize how important this relatively small change is! Keep an eye out on our website and on our Facebook page for immediate updates as this change progresses. We expect to hear back within the next 48 hours, so be ready!