24-Hour Posture Care Management: Supporting People Night and Day

This article provides a primer on the history, health benefits and implementation basics of 24 hour therapeutic positioning. Thank you to Rehab Management for helping get the word out!

The Montana Postural Care Project – Model and Year One Results

This paper was presented at the 2017 International Seating Symposium.

Tommy’s Story – Postural Care for Adults

Tommy’s Story is shared with the kind permission of Bas Jansen of Perth, Australia. It is an example of the huge benefits to be gained through 24 hour postural care, when a team approach with trained caregivers is used. Bas has confirmed that the results seen were not due to any therapy or surgery – just therapeutic positioning.

A YouTube video explaining chest distortion, by Bas Jansen – gravity, asymmetry and time take their toll. But we can do something about it!

Why Does Postural Care Work in Wakefield?

Shared with kind permission of Suzanne Carter, Wakefield County Health Authority.

Postural Management Consensus Statement

This consensus statement on 24 hour postural management for children with cerebral palsy was published in Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology in 2006.

Mechanical Supports Guidelines

Are you wondering about the difference between postural supports and restraints? Many people have this concern. These guidelines were developed as an official document for the Montana Developmental Disability Program.

Montana Medicaid Funding for Positioning and Mobility Equipment

This manual includes funding criteria for standing frames, gait trainers, shower/commode chairs and custom wheelchair seating in nursing homes. Wheelchair funding is primarily governed by Medicare rules and allowables, however some additional items are covered by Medicaid such as vehicle tie downs.

Useful Materials for Postural Care

This document lists materials and items that can be used as postural supports in night and day postural care. Commercial sleep systems are nice but costly and funding can be difficult to find. These materials can be used very effectively; they are demonstrated and discussed in Montana Postural Care Project and Posture 24-7 workshops.

By popular demand 

Follow this link to a document with more details about Complete Feet used as knee pillows, with photos of them in use.

Adapting Complete Feet for knee/thigh support – A YouTube video demonstration