Kelli speaks about posture and pain

KB video

Last week I was able to participate in a pilot project for the State of Montana regarding the use of sleep postural care support for persons with habitual postures and pain due to disabilities. In the one day training I attended I was able to fully grasp the detrimental effect these things played on my body on multiple levels. From skeletal development, muscle interactions, to organ damage. I was the only disabled adult to attend the one day training the rest were parents, caregivers, and therapists learning these things to better help those they loved. I felt like I was talking to much and taking over when the presenters would have discussions and inputs for how these things affected people I was speaking from my heart and personal experience, and was sure that people were irritated with my interruptions and commentary. However that turned out to be just the opposite when they arrived at my house on Thursday for the in home consult and setting up of my very own sleep system. I was told how much I had impacted all these different people in one or another by sharing my perspective and by the time they finished consultations on Friday in Libby they called me and asked if I would be willing to do a video of my story to share as they traveled to the other regions of the State. I was so shocked and humbled that little broken me affected this many people in such a positive impact. I am very grateful that my Heavenly Father gave me a chance to be a voice for those that need one. Thank you Arwen and Posture 24/7

Posted by Kelli Baker on Monday, March 14, 2016