Online – Disability, Posture and Adults: Therapeutic Positioning Around the Clock

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Friday, February 19, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Adults with chronic motor impairments often live with secondary complications related to postural deviations – sometimes of longstanding. These often developed as they grew, or with the onset of an injury or disease process in adulthood. Joint contractures, dislocations, scoliosis and kyphosis start early, and are often related to habitual postures assumed both day and night. Human beings spend their lives in three orientations – lying, sitting and standing – and for people with limited movement this can become complicated! Too often, the foundational orientation of lying is overlooked, while working toward upright orientation goals. 24-hour posture care management (24-7 PCM) analyzes and addresses typical, habitual postures that can become destructive over time. Non-invasive strategies are used to protect bodies from distorting influences, in some cases restoring them to better alignment. This is not only for kids and youth!

24-7 PCM promotes the support of healthy posture in all orientations as crucial for those with limited movement repertoire who cannot change their positions easily, often and with variety. In North America this approach is novel but becoming recognized for its potential to protect and improve body alignment, support restful sleep, safeguard respiratory and digestive functions and reduce pain. 24-7 PCM builds a foundation of body symmetry and stable posture to support therapeutic goals in all areas. Lying postures with poor body alignment may be noted, but are often not routinely addressed in treatment planning – to the detriment of those who could benefit from appropriate intervention.

This virtual course provides an evidence based overview of theory and practice with visual examples, longitudinal case studies and demonstrations to illustrate concepts underpinning 24-7 PCM. Early assessment and therapeutic positioning intervention is important!  Learning to predict likely distortions early and how to effectively create and implement 24-7 PCM plans with a focus on time outside the wheelchair is emphasized.

This full day virtual course is sponsored by the Alberta Society of Occupational Therapists, but is open to all OTs, COTAs, PTs and PTAs in North America. It will occur in Mountain Standard time. To register, click here.