Disability and Posture: Therapeutic Positioning for All

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Thursday, February 8, 2024
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Human beings spend their lives in three orientations – lying, sitting and standing – and for those with a limited movement repertoire, this can become complicated. The foundational orientation of lying is too often overlooked, while functional goals are focused on sitting and standing. This amounts to building a house without a full foundation! When lying posture is overlooked or skimmed over during the evaluation process, individuals who are unable to independently change position easily, frequently and with variety are at greater risk of developing secondary complications. These include body shape distortions such as contractures, dislocations and scoliosis.

Supporting healthy lying postures is crucial for such people, as focusing solely on daytime seating and supported standing is insufficient to meet their needs. 24-hour posture care management analyzes and addresses destructive postures while promoting comfort and function, to build a foundation of body symmetry and stable posture that supports quality of life. Developed and established over the last 40 years outside North America, this intervention is becoming recognized in the United States for its potential to protect and improve body alignment, support restful sleep, safeguard respiratory and digestive functions and reduce pain. The 2 hour webinar provides an overview of theory and practice with visual examples and longitudinal case studies to illustrate concepts underpinning posture care management, focusing on sleep and resting postures.

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