Posture 24/7 (formerly known as Postural Care USA) is incorporated as a non-profit corporation for the public benefit in the state of Montana, and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. The focus of Posture 24/7 is to raise awareness in the United States of 24 hour postural care as as a non-invasive, caregiver and family empowering approach that can improve the quality of life for persons with impairments affecting their motor control in many ways.

24 hour postural care has been pioneered over the last thirty years in England. While it is broadly discussed and valued as a clinical approach in Commonwealth and European countries, it is largely unrecognized in North America. Posture 24/7 aims to open the discussion and raise awareness of 24 hour postural care through presentations, webinars and written media. In addition, we will support and contribute to development of an American body of evidence regarding the effectiveness of 24 hour postural care as a viable part of responsible treatment and care provision for persons with motor disabilities.